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Metamorphosis in Castricum, black roof, white facade, ultimate harmony


The detached house on Kooiweg in Castricum underwent a spectacular transformation. The roof was completely renovated with high-quality insulation and Loci integrated solar panels. The result: a sleek modern design with a completely black roof that contrasts perfectly with the white facades. The house not only looks more modern now, but is also energy-efficient. The solar panels lead to a significant reduction in energy costs, making the house sustainable.
The combination of black roofing, white facades, and clean lines creates a modern appearance. The house fits perfectly into contemporary architecture and gives the neighborhood a fresh, new look.
The roof renovation in Castricum is a successful example of how functionality and aesthetics can perfectly complement each other. The result is a beautiful, modern home ready for the future.



Installed Capacity:

House 1: 25.62kWp


Customer: Familie Simons

Contractor: A.C. Borst Bouw B.V.

Installer: Nicee B.V.



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