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Talesun Promotion Week 23


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Talesun Promotion week 23
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Dear reader,
at this moment we have plenty Talesun poly available and a contingent Talesun 275 Mono Full Black. Below offers are vallid as long as stock lasts. Gone=Gone

The offers of the several Suppliers is decreasing strongly or delivery times are very long. Especially on a moment were a lot is sold and installed it's very annoying .

You can also contact us for "specials" like frameless glass/glass or glass/foil modules with specific sizes.





Click on the module type below for the datasheet.





TP660M 275 Wp Full Black      €121,00 / module

TP660P 270 Wp Poly              €101,25 / module

Minimum order 1 pallet (30 modules).




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Company information:
Rebor B.V. 
Da Costastraat 33-3
1053ZA Amsterdam
?mail: info@rebor.nl
website: zonnepanelen-groothandel.com
website: loci-zonnepanelendak.nl
Tel: +31(0)20-786 4437
KvK 14091885
VAT: NL817213715.B02
All prices are EXW.
Exclusive transport.

While stocks last.

?This pricelist replaces all previous pricelists.
Errors and changes reserved.
The special warranty condtions of the module manufacturers apply.what you want to say.

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